E-commerce Websites

The UK e-commerce market is said to be worth £68.4 billion in 2009. It’s not just big hitter’s with deep pockets and huge TV marketing campaigns that make the numbers up, these sales are made up of thousands of small businesses selling to niche markets that are difficult to find off-line.

There are reports that suggest that the market is expanding rapidly as high street shops close in the economic down turn. Shop owners aren’t selling up all together they are simply dropping the expensive overheads, rates and staffing costs of a traditional shop and turning to an online business – same stock – same margins – lower overheads and a bigger profit.

Mushroom Internet run their own successful online shops, fulfilling orders, generating sales and using numerous online and offline advertising campaigns to maximise exposure and sales. With these shops growing from small “online only” operations to sole UK distributors and importers, proves our track record beyond doubt. Mushroom Internet know the pitfalls of an online business and how to avoid them – even in the current market.

E-commerce means simply trading on line. That might be just placing orders but can also mean taking payments online too. Online shops are usually pre written packages that have been fine tuned and developed into sophisticated packages that cover pretty much every application.

In its simplest form, a BUY NOW button can be added to a page that takes you to a third party payment gateway (like PayPal) where you buy the item over a secure connection on an external site.

Online shops have a basket system that allows the user to pick multiple items and multiple volumes, add them to a basket and then check-out though a secure gateway. There are a lot more features that come with a shopping cart – but that is the essence. See the shopping cart feature page.

Shopping carts can also be combined with a brochure website or with a CMS to create a hybrid that allows the owner to control virtually every aspect.