Mobile phones – until very recently we would have had to make you a separate mobile phone compatible website that would cost virtually as much as the original site, as you were basically making a second website.
We now have a new method of programming available called responsive design that now negates this, but it does take another day to do (rather than a week).
If I showed you www.brinkywell.co.uk as a traditional fixed width design, so if you ‘click and drag’ on the bottom corner or side of the browser window (to make the window a smaller square), you will see at a certain point the site starts to disappear as the window becomes smaller than the width available.
Now contrast this with www.ukba.co.uk with is built using responsive design and you will see the blocks that make up the home page are re-laid to suit the available space; even the horizontal menu becomes a vertical one. Basically this site lays itself out to suit the screen size available.

Magento comes with Android and iPhone enabeld checkout out, right out of the box – it still needs work to make the rest of the site userfriendly but its a large chunk of the coding done

Shoppers are evolving. Is your business evolving with them?

A fundamental evolution in shopping behaviour is occurring, thanks to mobile devices. Currently, m-commerce is worth £1.35bn to the UK economy. Between now and 2016, online shoppers are predicted to spend £5.8 billion via their smartphones1. To drive sales, online retailers are optimising their sites for mobiles.

Get mobilised with our top 5 interactive tips

Standard e-commerce websites can look great on a PC, but can be cluttered and difficult to navigate on mobile screens. Our interactive tips will show you how a few simple changes can make a big improvement to the way your website works for mobile shoppers. Start engaging your on-the-go shoppers with a seamless experience that can help grow your mobile revenue, and find out what it takes to expand your business into mobile.