As experts in Digital Marketing from our offices in Gloucestershire we aid clients in developing brand awareness online with unique content.

By positioning ourselves as publishers and entertainers we are able to develop a relationship with the audience. This ensures readers stay loyal to the brand (site) and will share the content they discover on social media platforms.

Our experts use persuasion, creativity and imagery to engage readers who then post, share and comment on the content. The actions of the individual are the driving force behind SEO and link building. We fuse technology, outreach and creativity to ensure readers are engaged with our relevant content. By providing a range of established digital marketing services we are able to tailor make bespoke campaigns for our clients that include all aspects of content management. Social media content creation is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign and with vast experience in this sector our team are able to write compelling and engaging content that will appeal to your audience.

Our digital marketing team are experienced in analysing emerging content marketing trends so are able to monitor the market and identify any new software that will benefit your site, we may be based outside of London but are able to keep up to date with all new tools from our Gloucestershire office.

One of the initial steps for our digital marketing team when we commence a new campaign is to begin the process of analysing who your customers are.

By building an in depth profile of your audience we're able to determine  the analytical information available on forums etc and adapt the way we engage with your potential customers.

Akin to running customer surveys, but on a much larger scale, forums are useful for market research and allowing us to evaluate a wider audience and spot emerging trends.

Forums and Article sites enable us to look for content that is relevant to your industry and identify prospects who may not know the exact terminology to locate your site directly on Google. As our team have spent over 10 years collectively working on digital marketing campaigns we are ideally skilled to analyse customer data and pick out the important bits. We can analyse where your customers are geographically based (ie Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Stroud, London, Bristol etc) and  even more specific data such as their gender, age, interests etc! This ensures were targeting the specific audience that is interested in your brand or product. 

One of the key elements of any digital marketing campaign is data. We ensure that we manage the data we gain from the initial stages of any digital marketing campaign and process it effectively. This ensures data relevant to your audience is stored securely and used in ongoing campaigns. For example we are able to capture data such as customer email addresses through our campaigns and then store it securely in house and use it for ongoing marketing activities such as email marketing campaigns. Trends that emerge from campaigns are then recorded and replicated in future campaigns.  

Our team liaise with the website development/technical team and brand development partners so we are able to regularly gather onsite data ie customer order details so that we can collectively ensure a complete picture of any customers on site behaviour is recorded. With strong skills in google ad words and google analytics we're able to analyse monthly trends and interpret  emerging statistics to ensure we closely monitor visitor behaviour.