A backlink is a link from another website going directly to your website, this link is called a backlink or inbound link. In general the popularity of a website is determined by the number of inbound links. Inbound links that come from higher ranking websites will have more benefit.

The process of acquiring industry relevant links requires a new range of technical approaches. Valuable on site content (engaging and relevant) is a vital tool in arming the link builder with ammunition to secure relationships with link influencers. Multiple reasons to link back to your site include educated, lively and debatable content that encourage genuine likeable links. Our Stroud digital marketing team have over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing sector so are ideally placed to work on your site to the highest standard. With the world of backlinks having changed significantly over the last decade we ensure all work is conducted inline with updates to any google algorithms. 

Your PR (Google page rank) is partly determined by the number of inbound links you have from quality websites, Amazon, high rankings forums/article submission sites etc. The quality of your inbound links is more important than quantity.

Once you have a website or blog live the first step of the offsite digital marketing is to begin link building. The main benefits of this are;

  • Making your site more visible in search results
  • Traffic will spot your link on other sites
  • High quality links make your site a more valuable resource
  • Google indexes sites with more inbound links quicker

Mushroom Internet are experts in acquiring high quality links for your site. We are able to ensure they are industry relevant and will have high value when ranked by google.

If you have any questions about the complicated process of building backlinks our team of experts will be able to talk you through the process. Please feel free to contact the digital marketing team to arrange a meeting at our Stroud offices where we can talk through your site and determine the right campaigns for you.