Paid advertising platforms are a great source of leads in all Gloucestershire digital marketing campaigns

The structure of a paid advertising campaign works on a far more complex system than simply allocating a budget to a specific keyword. PPC now makes use of complex algorithms which consider match type relevancy, on site content and landing page load times. On site and off site factors are analysed and impact on SERP. By ensuring the content on your site is both unique and engaging the amount you bid per click decreases.

Put simply PPC or paid adverts are adverts that a company has paid to be there. You can put adds on Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo etc and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram. We use them for all our customers and have had some great feedback from Gloucestershire digital marketing clients.

Adverts can be run across all platforms in either a simple text advert that has an engaging title and add extensions with your companies phone number or some companies prefer to run adverts that are based on engaging images.

PPC adverts can include short reviews that have publicly been left for your company by genuine customers, this process enables the review to be added in using the google adwords extension tool. Prior to creating an advert for your company we will talk you through the process and discuss the most suitable format for your adds. We encourage our digital marketing clients to test out their add formats before agreeing on a final campaign, this process is traditionally called split testing and allows us to determine the most successful adverts to run before we commit the full budget. Our Gloucestershire based experts have created exciting and engaging adverts for clients across the South West including Cornwall, Bristol, Bath and more locally in Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham and beyond so have many years experience in designing the right advert to attract your customers.

Google Adwords is now used as a direct advertising platform by over 1 million businesses across the World. Since it launched in 2000 with just 350 advertisers Adwords has expanded to take 33% of the paid advertising market in 2015. With a click through rate of over 7% on page 1 a Google advert can if run correctly be an impressive ROI.

We are industry experts in all forms of paid adverting and are able to set up and manage campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and all leading search engines. Currently we run successful PPC campaigns on Facebook for a number of clients, by combining our ability to write unique and engaging content with knowledge of customer demographics. Our in house graphic design team are on hand to liaise with clients and create great visuals for your adds.