Search Engine Optimisation, The legend

Launching High Impact Digital Marketing Campaigns In Gloucestershire + Beyond

There was a time when a website only needed to tick a few simple boxes – Beautiful Design, Great Functionality, Good Layout and a Sales Message – a single advert in the Yellow Pages, trade magazine or a local newspaper would get you plenty of calls. These days there are so many diverse ways to get your message heard that you need to be found online by the right people at the right time and the only way to do it is by search engine optimisation and social media.

Many people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is simply a case of adding keywords to the pages and your site’s code ‘Meta Data’ and the search engines will do the rest. As technology has advanced search engines have become a lot smarter and Google for example has over 40,000 criteria in its algorithm and now examines a huge number of factors including links (both to and from your site and internal), page content, images, fresh content and social media, even duplicated content, among a number of others all have an impact on a sites ranking position.

Because SEO has become a laborious task, Gloucestershire/Cotswolds based Mushroom Internet will firstly research the competition and work with you to determine the ideal search terms for your business and then tailor build a digital marketing campaign for you, giving you feedback with monthly reports and analytic data to keep you informed of your online presence and results.

Our team are experts in this field with numerous Google Certified Qualifications. Digital Marketing Director Emma Sage has the following certifications;

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ).

Google Adwords Fundamental Certification

Google Adwords Display Certification

Read one of our SEO case studies here to discover how this Stroud based company can enable you to widen your audience + increase your ROI.

Google and You

Google is not the only search engine on the web it is joined by the Bing, Yahoo and AOL as well as a myriad of different smaller – tributary search engines. These all use different algorithms in order to work out whether your web page is relevant to the words/terms people are searching for. Google receives several hundred million queries each day through its various services and it determines how to best deliver the most accurate and relevant results for each enquiry. Its algorithm changes on a regular basis, fine tuning itself often to keep inline with technology such as voice command searches on mobile phones.

Our Gloucestershire experts are ideally skilled to answer all your questions relating to anything digital marketing related. With many years experience in working with all search engines we are able to provide you with competent digital marketing campaigns that are universally compatible with search engines and social media portals.

What can Mushroom do for your business?

Search engine Optimisation or digital marketing is the art of tailoring the content and the code contained within your web page to be as ‘relevant’ to the people who you want to be found by as possible. The process is relatively simple if you have the required knowledge, but requires the analysis of a huge amount of information:

This is all before the arduous task of listing your site with as many search directories as possible and using social media to build a digital footprint.

Each month your site needs checking to maintain position and ensure it’s focused towards the latest algorithms and any competitor changes.

On top of all that, effective SEO often needs a back-linking campaign to steadily build and grow in-bound links from external sites to yours. This involves writing articles and posting them into other sites (directories PR sites, Blog sites and social media rich content). PPC (Paid advertising) is a tool we are also experts in.

Ask yourself, how did you find us? You probably Googled ‘seo Gloucestershire’ or ‘search engine optimisation Gloucestershire’.  The proof is in the pudding. We work with clients across the UK to improve their ranking positions. If your based in one of the surrounding Towns or Cities (Nailsworth, Stroud, Stonehouse, Painswick, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Gloucester) then please feel free to pop in and have an informal chat with our digital marketing team and discover how we can help your business grow.