Search Engine Optimisation

There was a time when a website could tick just a few simple boxes – Beautiful Design, Great Functionality, Good Layout and a Perfect Message – a single advert in the Yellow Pages or a local newspaper would get you plenty of calls. These days there are so many ways to get your message heard that you need to be found online by the right people at the right time and the only way to do it is by search engine.

Many people think that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is simply a case of adding keywords to your site’s ‘Meta Data’ and the search engines will do the rest. A recent news release by Google has announced that this isn’t the case. In times past all you had to do was fill the ‘Meta Data’ with keywords. As technology has advanced search engines have become a lot smarter and now look at a number of factors including links (both too and from your site), page content, images, fresh content and duplicated content among a number of others. Because SEO has become such a laborious task, we at Mushroom Internet will tailor build an SEO campaign with you, giving you feedback with monthly reports and analytic data to keep you informed of your online presence.

Google is not the only search engine on the web it is joined by the Bing, Yahoo and AOL as well as a myriad of different smaller – tributary search engines. These all use different algorithms in order to work out whether your web page is relevant to what people are searching for. Google receives several hundred million queries each day through its various services and its algorithm of how to serve the results for each enquiry changes on a regular basis – fine tuning itself to deliver the most accurate and relevant results possible.

Search engine Optimisation is the art of tailoring the content and the code contained within your web page to be as ‘relevant’ to the people who you want to be found by as possible. The process is simple but requires the analysis of a huge amount of information:

  • Your Competitors Data
  • Copywriting
  • Domain Names
  • Hosting Locations
  • Images
  • Keyword Production & Density
  • Descriptions
  • Google Maps
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics

This is all before the arduous task of listing your site with as many search directories as possible.

Each month your site needs checking to maintain position and ensure it’s focused towards the latest algorithms and any competitor changes.

On top of all that effective SEO needs a back-linking campaign to steadily build and grow in-bound links from external sites to yours. This involves writing articles and posting them into other sites (directories PR sites, Blog sites etc).

Ask yourself, how did you find us? You probably Googled ‘seo gloucestershire’ or ‘search engine optimisation gloucestershire’.  The proof is in the pudding.

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